Assassination — It's the family trade. We all take it up. My folks see me as an exceptional prospect. But I don't see that I should have to live up to their expectations.


Killua Zoldyck (キルア=ゾルディック Kirua Zorudikku) is a character who seems similar to Gon; cheeky, cheerful, and full of mischievous ideas. He is also one of the most quick-thinking characters in the Hunter x Hunter series and Gon's best friend. He is very confident in his own abilities, often being humble about it. But when somebody compliments him, especially Gon, he gets easily embarrassed. However, his ruthlessness and aptitude in killing shows the other side of him — deadly, violent, and bloodthirsty. Killua was trained to be an assassin since birth. Killua has been conditioned to possess extreme tolerance for poison, electricity and pain. He has extraordinary agility and strength that makes Killua a one-man killing machine. Although Killua fails during the first Hunter Exam by killing an opponent due to his elder brother's Nen (manipulation), he attends the exam again the following year, earning his license by eliminating all other applicants in the very first trial.

Conflicting with Killua's predisposition to kill is his unyielding loyalty to his friends and natural kindness. Often, Killua suffers immensely in attempts to help his friends without a single complaint. Killua puts others before himself without being concerned about his own health or even his life. Previously, Killua's greatest flaw was his fear of those seemingly more powerful than him (one of whom being his elder brother, Illumi). Killua had been trained as an assassin by his brother to be extremely cautious that he only engages in combat provided that victory is absolutely certain. This impeded him as a Hunter, as Biscuit stated more than once that victory is never certain, and that depending on the circumstances, a person has the potential to defeat a stronger opponent.

Killua was born as the middle child to a family of assassins, the Zoldyck family, showing great promise from birth. Killua has already mastered many killing techniques at a tender age and is set to be one of the best assassins the family has ever produced. At the age of three, he started on training by tailing other people. He was forced to join in battle in the Tower of Heavens martial arts tournament at the age of 6.